Clinton Kelly’s Definitive Guide to Mixing Prints and Patterns at Home

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One of the greatest challenges of moving into a new home anywhere – whether it’s a house, a condo, an apartment, you name it – is finding those little ways to put your own touch on how the space looks and feels so it really starts to feel like “home.”

After relocating to New York City, viewer Tulika has been at a loss for how to bring a pop of color and some personality to her new apartment that has a great view but not very many open walls. She wrote to the show looking for other solutions.

"I recently moved to NYC and have a really small apartment with a lot of windows and not a lot of walls. What can I do to add décor and color to make the place feel “homey?" – Tulika

Clinton Kelly’s answer? Mix colors and patterns! While that might seem like a daunting challenge, the style and entertaining expert, and contributing editor for Woman’s Day magazine shares his secrets for adding the perfect pop of color and texture to any room.

Build Around a Single Color

Looking for ways to boost an accent color in your home? Think about introducing a mix of prints and patterns that are built around a single color palate, Clinton says, offering yellow and creme (a neutral) as an example. “Find one color [that you want to work with] and mix patterns in that color.”

It’s okay if the patterns are wildly different! Because of that common base line color – in Clinton’s example, the yellow and creme combo – the pieces will always feel like they’re meant to be together, an eclectic but intentional design choice.

Take It to the Next Level With Two Colors

Adding a second color to your room’s color palate is an easy step up – just make sure that any printed or patterned décor pieces have both colors interwoven, and make sure to mix in a few solid-colored pieces, as well.

And likewise, if you’re trying to match the décor of a room to a multicolored rug, pull out one or two colors from the rug to inspire other colorful patterned accents, and keep any other accents or accessories a solid color.

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Go All In With Multiple Prints and Colors

Have a colorful pillow or art piece that you just adore? Using that piece as the star color palate for the room – the Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child, as Clinton likes to explains it  – and look for print or patterned pieces that are more subdued versions of that same color palate, highlighting just one or two of colors. Texture – the weave of a natural fiber, or other embellishments – can make things even more interesting.

"So you've got to keep it in the same family, but you can mix texture and patterns," Rach adds.

Yes, exactly!

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