GENIUS Hack to Help You Know if a Pair of Jeans Will Fit Without Trying Them On at the Store

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While we are all perpetually on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, the thought of having to try them on under the harsh glare of the store dressing room lights can be a bit stress-inducing.

And while foregoing the try-on process usually poses quite the problem (especially if you know it’ll be a pain to exchange an ill-fitting pair), fashion trendsetter Karen Blanchard of Where Did U Get That has a simple solution that will Change. Your. Life.

(Ambitious, we know, but you’ll see what we mean!)

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If you're looking for a quick way -- that doesn’t involve a fitting room -- to determine if a pair of jeans or pants will fit properly, Karen says all you have to do is wrap the waistline of the pants in question around your neck.


"If the two ends meet at the back," Karen explains, "those pants will most likely fit you."

Not all heroes wear capes, indeed.

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