Decor On a Budget: DIY $500 Geometric Mirror For Less Than $50

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Geometric mirrors are a gorgeous way to upgrade any room in the house.

I mean, just LOOK:

Rachael Ray Show

Stunning, But they can often go for $500 or more. (Sigh!)

Luckily, when the "Property Brothers," Jonathan and Drew Scott, stopped by, they let us in on a DIY version that you can make for less than $50!

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They walked us through the step-by-step for copying this look—and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.

Follow the five steps below and watch along in the video above, too!

1. "Film" It

Use a square mirror for this project, and cover the entire top of the mirror with a clear matte transparent film.

2. Tape It

Using thin craft tape, create a geometric line pattern on top of the film-covered mirror. This will be the part that’s spray-painted later.

3. Cut It

Carefully cut along the edges of the tape using an exacto knife, and then peel off the tape and film. “You’re creating your template in reverse,” Jonathan explains.

4. Spray Paint It

Using spray paint (the brothers went for gold), spray the areas where you’ve pulled off the paint and film.

5. Pull It

Pull off all the remaining transparent matte film to reveal a beautiful decorative mirror!

New Mirror
Rachael Ray Show

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