How to DIY A $400 Orb Chandelier On a Budget ($20!!!)

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Trendy orb chandeliers are *everywhere* these days.

You know the ones we're talking about? We even have one on set!

Rachael Ray Show

Gorgeous, right?

Well, the only problem is they can be pretty pricey. In fact, they can easily go for $400 or more!

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Luckily, the "Property Brothers" Drew and Jonathan Scott showed us how to DIY a copycat version with a few simple supplies (think hula hoops and gold spray paint!) in just a couple of hours.

Here's the step-by-step—and you can also follow along in the video above!

1. Drill It
Jonathan says to start by stacking the hoops upright inside each other to create a cage-like structure that will hold the light itself. Then, he says, drill a hole through the top so you can pin them together at the end. (The brothers recommend wearing safety goggles while drilling.)

2. Spray Paint it
Using any color of your choice (Jonathan went for gold to keep it *extra* classy and mimic the classic metal hues of chandeliers), spray paint the hula hoops on all sides. They also recommend finishing the whole thing with a clear topcoat so it lasts longer.

(Pro tip: Always spray paint in a well-ventilated area).

3. Pin It
Once all the hoops are painted, stick a pin through the top holes (that you drilled in Step 1), so that the hoops come together to form the chandelier structure.

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4. Light It
Grab a minimal hanging light at the hardware store and simply wrap it through the top area of the structure so that it hangs in the middle. Plug it in, and you’re good to go.

Check it out:

Rachael Ray Show

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