How to DIY a $200 Statement Wall Clock On a Budget (Only $20!!)

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These days, gallery walls featuring different sized frames and a cluster of photos are all the rage — and making an oversized statement wall clock the centerpiece is *very* on-trend.

Rachael Ray Show

If you need any more convincing, the "Property Brothers," Jonathan and Drew Scott, are big fans.

The only problem? Statement wall clocks like this can easily run you as much as $200. Whoa.

It was our lucky day when they visited though — because they showed us how to take the concept to a new, budget-friendly place (think around $10).

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Follow these steps to copy the look:

1. Grab Some Picture Frames

If you have old frames around the house, feel free to use those in the display. And don't feel limited to one color or variety. In fact, Jonathan says, "Eclectic is the best."

2. Pick Up a "Clock" Set

You can go and pick up a clock set from the hardware store, the brothers say. Jonathan covered the back of his clock display with a couple of layers of chalkboard paint — all the better, he says, for customizing your clock with numbers, Roman numerals or whatever you'd like!

Once it's dry, you pop on your clock hardware — most of the time with clock sets, Drew says.

Pro tip: put the big hand on first, then the little hand, and finally the second hand.

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3. Hang + Stack

Hang the clock up and surround it with the frames, Jonathan suggests.

"The more elegant you want it," he says, "the nicer frames you’ll use."

He and Drew even stacked the frames on top of each other for a 3D look.

Wall Clock
Rachael Ray Show

*This* is why we keep these two around!

PS: Check out the New York Times bestselling authors' first picture book Builder Brothers: Big Plans here — a winning blend of imagination, humor, and can-do know-how.

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