Former "Buffy" Star David Boreanaz on Working With Real-Life Veterans on CBS Military Drama "SEAL Team"

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There are plenty of things David Boreanaz loves about working on CBS' military drama "SEAL Team." (He does play the hero, after all!) But perhaps his favorite? The fact that the show makes sure to go straight to the source for its storylines.

"We've hired almost 100 veterans… that have been a part of our show, and we relish that," the former “Buffy” star says, sharing that their presence creates a real sense of "humbleness."

"You keep it very legit!" Rachael agrees.

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"The people  — we don't like to call them technical advisers; we like to call them producers — [are there] from the concept of the story all the way through to the finish," David adds. "And when we shoot, these guys — who are Tier 1 operators, Delta Force operators [i.e. special mission units in the armed forces] — [who] know the system, know what it looks like. So when you watch it, we want people to walk away feeling like they felt the emotions [of being in their shoes]."

And that goes way beyond the heart-pounding missions.

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"Their [personal] lives are so intertwined with what they do for their job,” David says. "And when they get home, they're confused. They don't quite get it. They're trying to catch up. Things don't make sense to them in a lot of ways. That's why they struggle with PTSD or brain injuries."

He adds, "We thought, from this perspective — from the show — if we could shed some light into the shadows of the darkness of these people, then we're doing our job properly."

"A lot of heart!" Rach says.

Watch more of Rach's chat with David in the video above, and tune into "SEAL Team" on CBS, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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