How Long Does Garlic Last In The Fridge? Rachael Answers

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If you're a longtime Rachael fan, you know that she loves garlic (she often jokes that she smells like garlic all the time) — so it's no surprise that viewers come to her with all of their garlic questions.

Question: I have a question about the garlic you peel and put in a small container. How many days is it good for? Does it go in the refrigerator?  
–viewer via Instagram

How long does peeled garlic last in the fridge?

"Once I peel it, I keep it in the fridge," Rach explains. "I trim the end of the garlic. I crack it with the top of my hand on the knife, and I do a couple bulbs at a time [or] as much fits in a little container. Because of the amount of garlic we use, I literally refill it sometime every day, or — at the most — every other day. Most folks don't eat quite as much garlic and [are] certainly not cooking dinners three or four times a day as I do, so I would say for you, do a bulb and when you get down to two gloves, you'll probably be at the end of the week, then do another bulb. For most people, that would last you about a week. And it's fine for a week, absolutely."

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How do you store unpeeled garlic?

"My garlic that is not peeled, I keep cool [in] the back of the kitchen, not next to the stove," Rach says. "When you buy garlic, the skin should be very tight. The garlic should be heavy. You should not see any indentations or dimpling on it; that means the garlic is old and it will be bitter from the time you peel it. So you want it to be very heavy, firm, with tight skin." Fresh garlic like this should last a few months unpeeled — though, again, not for Rach! 😂

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