Kate Hudson Claims This Is The Secret To Her Flawless Skin, Better Night's Sleep + Improved Memory

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Kate Hudson has been a guest on our show many times. She's made tacos, chatted about being a mom, shared the inspiration behind her athleisure line, Fabletics and her ready-to-wear line, Happy x Nature and even made cocktails with Rach. Now, Kate's hanging out at home with her son, Ryder, and chatting with Rachael over video about INBLOOM, her newest wellness product venture.

"It's a system of supplements, but they kind of approach your whole body, so really what you need. And I hate taking pills … Powders also are more absorbent, and I felt like you could have more fun with them — you can put them in your smoothies, you can put them in your water if you hate drinking water."

The system Kate created includes five different blends: "Essential Elements," "Beauty Aura," "Energy Shift," "Dream Sleep" and "Brain Flow." 

The Brain Flow supplement has "great long-term cognitive support, especially for people like you and I who are talking all the time. I say words wrong, I forget names," Kate tells Rach.

Kate shared a chai tea recipe that incorporates her INBLOOM Brain Flow supplement, made with organic cocoa. Get Kate's Chocolate Chai Tea recipe here.

As for some of her other favorite ways to incorporate the supplements, Kate says it depends on how she's feeling. "I do a really good smoothie — it's the vanilla, the Brain Flow and the Essential Elements. I do them all in one smoothie, so I basically get everything in one. But I change them all around. I always do my collagen [Beauty Aura] because we all need a little collagen, and the Dream Sleep if I'm feeling like I need a little support." Kate calls the Dream Sleep blend "a really nice, more medicinal chamomile sleep tea."

"As a celebrity, actor, whatever you want to call it, as a person with a platform, you do get a lot of people that come to you and want you to endorse product," Kate says. "And I am a little bit different in the fact that I'd rather be in charge of what I'm creating and what I'm standing behind. If I'm going to talk about something, I want it to be meaningful. I want to create conscious business, I want healthy work environments and I want things that I'm getting behind that really mean something to me. This was really an extension of everything that I've been doing."

"How do we get people interested and understanding what's best to support their health and then try to make it as affordable as you can with premium ingredient? And that's what I tried to do with this, and I basically created what I would want," she says.

You can order INBLOOM exclusively online, according to Kate. "It's totally direct-to-consumer. We're online, we're not going into any stores right now, we're just keeping it contained," she says.

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