"Nappily Ever After" Star Sanaa Lathan Shaved Her Head … While The Cameras Were Rolling!

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Playing “Nappily Ever After” Star Sanaa Lathan Shaved Her Head...On Camera!

You know the fantastic Sanaa Lathan from movies like "Love and Basketball," "Brown Sugar," and "The Best Man" — and she turned heads in "Nappily Ever After!"

In the film, she plays main character Violet, who she calls "a seemingly perfect woman with perfect hair" who has a "seemingly perfect life"... until her plans go awry. Then, she goes into crisis mode and, one night, shaves off all her hair which, she says, "thrusts her onto a path of self-discovery."

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Before shooting the film, Sanaa assumed she'd go with a prosthetic wig cap so she wouldn't have to lose the hair. But, as she delved into the character, she says, and started to think about the messages of the movie, she realized she just had to go for it—even if it meant shaving her head on camera, and all in one take.

Sanaa Lathan

"It still was terrifying," she admits, but then she grew to really love the look.

She posted a reveal on Instagram, and the response she received was SO positive.

"I had so many men calling me saying, 'Can I come rub your head?!'"

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Many women, too, really encouraged her to keep her head shaved, which she did for a while.

Looking gorgeous as always, Sanaa!


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