Peel-and-Stick Dry-Erase Wall Calendar DIY For Home Office or Meal Planning

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Whether you have a home office in a rental space or the pandemic forced you to create a temporary designated WFH area in your home, it might be time to dress the space up a bit — but keep it practical … and non-committal. (After all, there's a lot about these uncertain times that we don't want to be permanent …) OR you might want to incorporate a weekly meal-planning calendar in your kitchen to inspire you if you've gotten into a food rut after a year of cooking at home a lot.

Self-taught rental-friendly DIYer + blogger Alexandra Gater (who has over 100k Instagram followers and over 350k YouTube subscribers!) shared her peel-and-stick wall calendar DIY idea with us — and we're obsessed with it.

"I love peel-and-stick products," Alexandra says. "They're such a great non-committal way to change up your space."

"I created a massive dry-erase calendar in my office," she continues. "This is one of my most favorite DIYs to date." 

Alexandra uses these pre-cut 4x6 peel-and-stick dry-erase boards and these dry-erase markers to create her wall calendar. 

All you have to do is peel off the back and stick it on your wall. "I used a level and a pencil to make sure they were all straight," Alexandra explains.

To make the letters for the days of the week, Alexandra either uses this Cricut machine or these alphabet stencils + black acrylic paint. (For paint, Alexandra likes Backdrop, Behr or Benjamin Moore.) She then uses a black Sharpie to trace around the edges and make them look super crisp.

"When you're done with it, want to change it up or when you move," she says, "you just peel it off." 

"Having my team and I be able to gather around … we write on it all the time," she tells Rach. "Everyone knows what's going on."

And you don't necessarily have to use it for work, either.

"I've been using this to meal plan," Alexandra says. "During lockdown, I've really tried to be better at cooking and just getting on track with the food I'm consuming." 

Alexandra also likes using a peel-and-stick chalkboard for to-do lists.

"This literally took me 30 seconds to install," she says. "You can use chalk, but I love using chalkboard markers." (Alexandra likes these chalkboard markers.)

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