So Basic: How to Nail a Fancy Steakhouse Dinner at Home for WAY Less Money

steak dinner for two
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"So Basic" puts a trendy twist on your favorite dishes with former culinary producer and resident cookie man Grant Melton. 

When you think "steak night" do you automatically think restaurant?

Well, what if I told you it's totally possible to make a restaurant-quality steak at home that's quicker and WAY less expensive than dining out?

Not convinced?

What if I told you it was only five ingredients? Still skeptical?

Well, let me present the latest episode of "So Basic" as proof. Watch above to get my recipe for Easy 10-Minute Butter-Basted Garlic Steak and top tips for "raising the steaks"—plus, here's a quick guide below!

Choose the Right Steak

Until working with Rachael, I was a bit of a meat novice. The three things I've been taught to look for when it comes to picking a steak are you want the meat to be bright red, thick-but-not-too-thick (think about a 1½-inch thickness) and a medium marbleization. In this video I chose to use NY Strip. Since it's boneless, it cooks more evenly and, bonus, it's moderately priced. If you want to know how to save in the meat aisle, we've got a guy for that too—Rach can show you how!

Season for Success

Seasoning is key. I like to salt my steak only a few seconds before it goes into the pan. Doing it too soon will draw out moisture, preventing that perfect sear. I also like to hold off on peppering my steak until it's fully cooked so the pepper doesn't burn in the super hot pan. Burnt pepper = bitter aftertaste.

It's All About That Baste

Once the steak is sizzling away in the hot pan and nearly finished cooking, I add some butter (about 1 tablespoon per steak), a few cloves of crushed garlic and some fresh herbs. Using a spoon, baste the steak with the garlic and herb infused butter.

Patience = Juiciness

One of the last, and maybe most important steps is letting your steak rest. How long? Long enough to set the table and toss together a quick salad. Or do a quick clean up around the kitchen. If you want an actual number, 5 minutes is perfect, but don't worry about your steak getting cold—a cold juicy steak is better than a hot dry one.

Slice it Real Good

I prefer to serve the steak sliced on a family-style platter. Not only is it easier for everyone to eat but you can get away with serving four steak to five people (that's time and money in your pocket!). When you slice it, slice against the grain. And once all of your steak is sliced and plated, top it with some freshly ground pepper, flaky salt, the brown butter left in the pan and some of the now crisp herbs.

Now, as for what to serve alongside your perfectly cooked steak? I suggest Rachael's Caesar Salad—and don't skimp on the homemade croutons, they're legit.

If you're looking for a heartier meal, try a steakhouse classic like this super-cheesy Creamed Spinach, these Baked Potatoes (made in a slow cooker!) or these shockingly healthy Herb-Crusted Beefsteak Tomatoes, which are just what the doctor (Ian!) ordered.

PS: We asked you on YouTube how you all like your steak cooked, and this is what you said:

steak youtube poll
Rachael Ray Show

I have to say that I was personally shook by these poll results. 46% of you prefer your steak well done?! To each their own! 

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