This Mini Spatula Could Save You Lots of Money

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Do you ever think about how much of your beauty products you waste even after you think you've squeezed everything out of it? We do. And then we go down a rabbit hole of wondering how much money we've wasted as a result. (We don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like we're always replenishing our collections.)

Beauty pro Gretta Monahan doesn't have that problem anymore, after becoming obsessed with Spatty. (Yes, the one featured on "Shark Tank!")

The Spatty Last Drop Beauty Spatula

The Spatty Last Drop Beauty Spatula


"This is the coolest little guy that gets a lot of use in my house from everybody," Gretta says. 

She uses it to get every last bit out of her beauty products—and even her kitchen condiments. (Spatty has different beauty tools, kitchen tools, handyman tools AND crafting tools.)

"You can get to the corners and the crevices and scoop out all the good stuff," she explains. "This thing is everything."

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