The Secret To Sticking To a Workout Routine

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Finding the motivation to work out can be daunting enough, but what if you legitimately don't know what you need? (The outfit, the right sneakers, the equipment — you know the drill!) Well, the thought of having to think about it has our viewer Lisette hitting the snooze button instead.

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The solution? Having your gym bag ready — always.

Our organizing expert Peter Walsh says you want to have two sets of gym clothes. One set is always in your gym bag, freshly laundered and ready to go. The other set is either on your body or in the wash, gearing up for the next workout. But by always having at least one set clean and handy, you'll never have an excuse not to go. 

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Two more tips from Peter? Set exact days and times you're going to the gym (say, Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m.), and find a buddy. Because everything is more fun with a friend! Plus, who will keep you more accountable than the person you're carpooling with?

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