The Top 10 Recipes Of March 2021

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Playing How To Make Banoffee Pie (Banana Toffee Pie) with Pretzel Crust | No-Bake Dessert | Clinton Kelly

If you're like us, you're missing restaurants more than ever right now, and cooking almost every meal at home is starting to feel stale. (Don't get us wrong, we're still ordering in to support local restaurants on some nights — everyone needs a break sometimes!) Refresh your weekly dinner menu with this list of our top 10 recipes of March, which features Rach's make-your-own takeout faves like 5-Spice Beef & Broccoli and Chicken Chow Fun, her take on Utica Tomato Pie, a diner classic-inspired Chef's Salad + more exciting recipes.

1. Baked Feta Pasta

baked feta pasta
Rachael Ray Show

When we saw the creamy TikTok-famous Baked Feta Pasta recipe making its way around the internet, we had to try it ourselves.

2. Banoffee Pie (Banana Toffee Pie) with Pretzel Crust

Banoffee Pie
Rachael Ray Show

Fans of all things sweet-and-salty will LOVE this no-bake Banoffee (Banana Toffee) Pie with Pretzel Crust from Clinton Kelly. Watch him make it in the video above.

3. 5-Spice Beef & Broccoli

5-Spice Beef and Broccoli
Rachael Ray Show

The #2 thing Rach's husband John misses about being home in NYC (#1 is jamming with his band) is take-out, so Rach made him 5-Spice Beef + Broccoli.

4. French Onion & Porcini Risotto

French Onion Risotto
Rachael Ray Show

Rach's French Onion & Porcini Risotto incorporates the flavors of a French classic everyone loves—and is gluten-free!

5. Utica Tomato Pie Made In a Sheet Pan

Rachael's Pizza Pie
Rachael Ray Show

By reader request, Rach makes Utica Tomato Pie—which she dubs a cross between deep-dish pizza & focaccia topped with a bright tomato sauce—in a sheet pan.

6. Chicken Chow Fun

chicken chow fun
Rachael Ray Show

Make your own takeout! Rach shares an easy recipe for chicken chow fun.

7. Sheet Pan Supper: Korean-Style Chicken and Vegetables

korean style chicken
Rachael Ray Show

Making Korean-style chicken and vegetables on a sheet pan means dinner comes with an easy clean-up.

8. Stuffed Shells 2-Ways with Vodka Sauce

Stuffed Shells 2-Ways with Vodka Sauce
Rachael Ray Show

Rach makes stuffed shells 2-ways with vodka sauce: a spinach-ricotta batch for vegetarians + a crab option for seafood-lovers.

9. Boscaiola aka Woodsman's Pasta

Rachael Ray Show

Boscaiola is a traditional Tuscan-style pasta made with pancetta, mushrooms, garlic + white wine.

10. Ultimate Chef's Salad

Ultimate Chef's Salad
Rachael Ray Show

Rach's latest "Statement Salad" was inspired by a diner classic: Chef's Salad! Hers is the ultimate version and feeds a crowd.

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