This 11-Year-Old Boy Runs a Hair Salon In His Parents' Basement

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We can't wait until we can say we knew him when! We're talking about 11-year-old Vince from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, who has a hair salon called the Vince Charles Salon in his parents' basement. (No, really, he does!)

Vince says he first learned how to braid hair when he was two years old — and he gave his first haircut (with his aunt's help) to his grandma when he was FIVE. 

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Four years later, when the opportunity presented itself for Vince's hairstylist to get new equipment, she insisted that her old equipment go to Vince — so when Vince turned nine, his parents decided to surprise him with his very own salon in their basement. 

11-year-old hairstylist
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"I taught myself how to cut, color and style hair by watching YouTube videos," Vince tells us. "Right now, since I'm not licensed, [so] I only do my family and friends' hair. I don't really charge, because it's kind of for me. I'm getting the practice." 

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"When I'm older, I'd love to do everybody's hair," he continues. "My dream job for the future is to own a hair salon and become a celebrity hair colorist." It's going to happen, we know it!

Rach and celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey were so impressed and inspired by Vince that they couldn't help but shower him with gifts, including a price chalkboard (because they want him to value his work!), a basket of Matrix hair products and an incredibly cool lime green salon chair from Minerva Beauty. 

PLUS, Tabatha invited Vince and his mom to one of the biggest hair shows in the country, Matrix Destination 2020. 

You deserve it, Vince! ?‍♂️?

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