This 27-Year-Old Chef Makes Homemade Treats For Dogs In Her Community After Being Inspired By Rach

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The 27-year-old chef behind these healthy homemade dog treats has quite a special story — and she found inspiration in someone very familiar!

Allison was born with Down syndrome and tracheoesophageal fistula, her mom, Pat, explains, which meant that there was a 2-year period where she couldn't eat or drink except through a feeding tube. The condition continues to affect her life, but Allison isn't letting it get in the way of her passion for food and cooking.

"She discovered you, Rachael, and she talked about you and watched your show all the time," Pat says.

"Rachael, you are my hero," Allison says, "You inspired me to be a chef." ❤️

When Allison and Pat moved to Florida in 2017, the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida happened to be starting their first Entrepreneur Academy for adults with Down syndrome. The mom-and-daughter duo joined right away, and that's how Doggy Delights by Allison came about.

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"Making dog treats is such a perfect job for her, because it keeps her busy doing what she loves — cooking," Pat says.

Allison's treats come in four varieties: Chicken and rice delights, grain-free sweet potato delights, peanut butter delights and pumpkin delights.

"I'm very proud of doing this job, because it's a lot of fun," Allison says.

Rach's friends at BJ's Wholesale Club (where Allison shops for a lot of her ingredients) sent Allison a $500 gift card so she can stock up on supplies.

"That'll help make a whole lot of treats!" Rach says. And a whole lot of happy pups and owners, too!

Watch Allison and Pat FaceTime with Rach in the video above!

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