This Adorable Dog With Megaesophagus Has To Eat In a High Chair And Is Looking For a Forever Home

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It's no secret that we love having adorable, adoptable animals on our show — and the precious Andy who has to eat in a high chair is absolutely no exception.

"Andy has a condition called megaesophagus," Leslie Grangers, CEO of Bideawee (the NYC shelter that's taking care of Andy), says. "That's a condition where the tone of the muscles, of the esophagus, don't work to bring the food down."

This means that beautiful Andy has to eat sitting up and then sit up for about 20 minutes in his chair to get the food to his stomach.

Leslie says he's fully trained, thanks to Ezra, a vet tech at Bidawee who trained this doggo in just three months!

The good news is that despite the medical condition, Andy can live a happy, long and healthy life! He just needs somebody who is full of love and committed to feeding him in the chair. And Ezra promises that he'd help the lucky folks who adopt Andy become comfortable with the process, too.

Andy is shy around children, but he loves other cats and dogs. And of course, his chair will go wherever he goes!

For more information on Andy or another sweet pet, please visit Bideawee's website.

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