This Budget-Friendly Alternative to Hardwood Flooring Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

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Hardwood flooring can be so darn expensive!

But luckily, HGTV hosts of "Home Town" — and authors of new book Make Something Good Today — Ben and Erin Napier have an awesome hack for classy-looking flooring that's easy on your wallet *and* easy to DIY.

"I never ever ever spend money on flooring," Rach admits. "I buy the cheapest possible, because I have a 65-pound pit bull with really long nails, so what's the point?!"

(Rach gets it!)

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When Ben and Erin renovated their first home, they worked hard to achieve the aesthetic they wanted without emptying their bank accounts.

So, to give their bathroom an updated look (without spending a fortune on flooring), they turned to beadboard.

And look how beautiful it turned out!

Cleverly Inspired

To get the look, follow the three steps below and watch the video above!

1. Start with Beadboard

Buy sheets of inexpensive beadboard (a decorative style of wood paneling), which you can get easily at a hardware store.

2. Paint

Coat the beadboard in paint — the Napiers chose glossy white for a chic, clean look.

3. Glue + Staple

First, glue the pieces of wood down and then staple them in place. Ta-da!

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