This Deaf Pit Bull Teaches Kids to See "Disabilities" In a Totally Different Way

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Meet Chris and his best buddy, Cole! 

Chris is an elementary school music teacher in New Jersey. About two-and-a-half years ago, he adopted Cole, a pit bull puppy who was born deaf.

deaf pit bull puppy with owner

Chris uses simple sign language with Cole, who understands signs like lay down, stand up and speak.

"When I first met Cole, it immediately made me think of my nephew, who was also born deaf. He's my inspiration," Chris says.

deaf pit bull with owner's nephew

Chris began bringing Cole around his students as a therapy dog, and he noticed their compassion and understanding of the fact that while he has a disability, "he's actually very, very special and just like any other dog," Chris explains. "In fact sometimes, his disability became his superpower."

Chris then started the Team Cole Project, working with Cole and students in large and small groups to teach children to accept each other just the way that they are. "They've come to realize that a disability is not an inability," Cole says.

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