This Product Claims To Give You The Perfect Haircut Every Time—So Our Viewer Put It to the Test

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During the pandemic, many of us tried cutting our hair at home. So, it may not feel right to go back to the barber and pay for something that you can do yourself. But, the issue is, most people don't have the right scissors.  

When you are cutting your hair or someone else's, you should not be using kitchen scissors, craft scissors or the thinning scissors that come with some at-home haircutting kits. Non-hair scissors can bend the hair before cutting it, and you'll risk ruining your hair cuticle in the process.   

The Flowbee claims to have everything you need to give yourself trouble-free haircuts at home every time. Plus, we also read an interview with someone you probably know who uses the Flowbee on himself—George Clooney. "Just sayin'!" says Rach.  

Flowbee Haircutting System

Flowbee Haircutting System


Lifestyle expert and salon owner Gretta Monahan is bringing back our "Human Lab" where we have viewers try products to see if they really do what they claim. 

Our viewer, Sam from New York City, and his roommates wanted to give this product a try.  

"During the pandemic, my friends and I started a group chat [about] cutting our own hair. The reason I did it was because the barber shops were all closed and then once everything started opening up again, I thought, well I was doing it for this long, let me try to learn how to do it. Getting your haircut in New York City is expensive, so if I could learn how to do that, I could save a pretty penny and also be able to maintain the same haircut over and over again," Sam explains.  

A little skeptical of the Flowbee, Sam decided to give it a try and he joined us in the studio to share his thoughts. 

"I felt a little silly using it at first, but I think it's easier to use than a razor. There's less risk. I could imagine the more you use it, the more comfortable you get with it. My only concern was trying to get the back of the head, but overall it was a fun time," Sam says.  

Gretta also brought in two other viewers to test additional hair products—one for split-ends and one for your dog

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