Viewer Says This Wireless Charger For The Car + Car Charger Mount Is A Game Changer

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When it comes to trendy gadgets, we have plenty of experts sharing their top picks for organization, smart home tech, fitness and more. Now, we're turning to our viewers to share their personal favorite gadgets.

One viewer named Rachel swears by this LUKKAHH Wireless Car Charger. She calls the wireless phone charging mount a game changer for keeping your phone hands-free while driving—and here's why.

LUKKAHH Wireless Car Charger

LUKKAHH Wireless Car Charger


"It's a sensor-clamping phone charger that has sensors on both the front and the back, so you can easily operate it with one hand," Rachel says. "When a phone is placed in front of it, the clamps open and then shut securely around the phone. If you want to remove it from the device, you simply tap on the back where the other sensors are and grab the phone before it shuts again." (Make sure you're safely parked when putting your phone in or removing it.)

"And by tightening the screw on the back, the device will stick to the preferred position [vertical or horizontal] and will not move," Rachel adds.

You can charge your phone with a lightweight case on it and the mount fits almost any car air vent, according to Rachel.

"It's just changed the game for me with [keeping my phone] hands-free [while] driving," she says.

Plus, it comes in pretty color options including rose gold, gun-plated, gold, silver and black.

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