We Help Son Surprise His Hardworking Single Mom For Her 50th Birthday With Her Favorite NFL Player

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Playing Jerome "The Bus" Bettis Surprises Die Hard Steelers Fan Who Was Born & Raised In New England

When Denzel, a 27-year-old viewer from Boston, Massachusetts wrote in to our show and asked Rach for help making his mom's 50th birthday the best she's ever had, he never imagined just how much of a surprise she was in for!

"My mother Kimberly has been the best mother I could ever ask for. Ever since I was about 12 years old, my mom was a single parent, and she did just about anything to make my brother and I comfortable and happy and made sure that we wanted for nothing," Denzel writes.

"My mom is super hardworking. She currently has a full-time job and she took on a part-time job as well. She's always busy, always going," he continues.

No one really knows why, but Massachusetts born and raised Kimberly also happens to LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers. "[When] Jerome Bettis was playing, she would be like, 'Come on Bus, come on Bus,' she'd be screaming, yelling, jumping up off the couch," Denzel writes.

Denzel says that Kimberly helped make him and his brother the men they are today, and that "her birthday is the one day that you can enjoy and it's your day, so I just wanted to make her day special."

After reading his heartfelt letter, Rach invited Denzel and Kimberly to come to the show, where Kimberly was surprised with a very big gift — literally.

NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jerome "The Bus" Bettis surprised Kimberly and gifted her three tickets to a Steelers game in Pittsburgh. Plus, he gave her a basket full of Steelers merch, including a jersey with Jerome's number (36), of course.

Oh, and the mystery was finally solved. Rach just had to get to the bottom of why Kimberly is a Steelers fan — she lives in New England Patriots territory, after all. "One day the Steelers were playing, and this man is just knocking people out the way and I'm like, 'I like him!'" Kimberly says. Plus, she admits that she just really likes black and gold, the team's colors. ??

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