Fan Mail: The Top 5 Touching Reasons People Love Rachael

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Since Rach is celebrating a major birthday on August 25th (the big 5-0!), we thought it would be the perfect time to give you a *taste* of just some of the lovely comments her loyal fans and viewers (you!) have written in.

(FYI, if you're also turning 50 this year -- or if one of your friends is -- we want to hear from you!)

There are many reasons to love Rach (take her sense of humor, for example, which you can see in full force in the video above!) -- but without further ado, here are just a few of the reasons you (and we!) love Rach:


Rach famously has a big heart for furry friends (she even has a sweet pup of her own, named Isaboo) -- and you all sure have noticed!

"When you started crying telling the story about Squish," a viewer named Susan wrote. "I was so moved."

Us too, Susan, us too. ❤️

(If you missed it on the show, you can read and watch Squish's story for yourself.)

And the animal love is mutual, too!

"Thought Rachael would like this pic of Jax (French Bulldog) and Murphy (Golden Retriever)," a fan named Bill wrote, along with an *adorable* photo.

"[They're] inseparable buddies from Columbiana Ohio who watch Rachael almost every day. ? "

I mean, how cute are they?!

Courtesy of viewer

Keep tuning in, boys!


When it comes to cooking, some of you refuse to stray from the "Rachael Ray way."

Take a viewer named Sheila's dad, for example, who corrects his family when they don't cook the way Rach does. (Too funny!)

"You did a show on heating up tortilla shells and that is the only way he will eat them now and is happy to fix [or] tell you how to fix it on a taco night," Sheila explained.

"He talks about your show all the time," she continued. "Sometimes it's more fun to hear dad tell us about the show [than] watch it."


Rach is our fearless leader, so it comes as no surprise to us when we hear about the ways in which she motivates viewers to follow their culinary dreams.

In fact, she's been inspiring fans on the show for almost 13 years now (check out the touching #throwback video from season 7 below!)

"Rachael Inspired Me To ..."

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Playing "Rachael Inspired Me To ..."

(Oh, and remember this NYC chef who was inspired by Rach's 30-minute meals to open her own restaurant? How about this woman who was motivated to open a restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese?)

One of those viewers is a woman named Jessica who started Shiso Kitchen, a Massachusetts business that offers intimate cooking classes, after watching Rach.

"I wanted to reach out, finally, because Rachael has been such an inspiration to me throughout my career, as an example that ‘it’s possible!’ Jessica wrote.

"I have followed her throughout my own culinary journey, through her various shows, and books, and continue to watch her show daily."



Because Rach loves being in the kitchen (duh!), she knows a thing or two about what cookware and tools are the most useful -- and you guys agree!

In fact, some of you even *collect* her cookware.

(And some fans have even made INSTRUMENTS out of it, which blows our mind!)

"My daughter in [law's] mother is a collector," a viewer named Deborah told us, "so she gets something of yours every year at Christmas."

Every year?! That's our kind of tradition!


Last but not least, 13 seasons later, Rach still has the most loyal (and sweetest) viewers!

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful and [entertaining] show," a fan named Cherri shared.

Before her father passed away earlier this year, Cherri said she and him would watch Rach together as often as they could -- and she still watches the show every day to feel close to him.

"He called her 'his cook,' Cherri told us, "or sometimes he would say 'Is my cooking show on?' He loved watching you."

"You made my Dad feel good," she continued, "even if it was only for an hour out of 24."

So incredibly sweet.

We're sending our love to Cherri and her family and hope that the show continues to bring a smile to her face. ❤️

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