What To Order At Brunch If You're Trying To Be Healthy, According To a Dietitian

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Everyone loves a good brunch outing on the weekend, but what if you're looking for  some good-for-you food options along with your mimosa or Bloody Mary?

"A great choice always, no matter where you are is a veggie omelet — extra veggies," dietitian, Nutrition Director for Good Housekeeping and author of the new book, Dressing on the Side, Jaclyn "Jackie" London says. The more veggies you can order at brunch, the better.

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Jackie also suggests making a choice: If you like a lot of cheese, no problem! Just order your cheesy omelet with egg whites. And if you're fine with just a little cheese, you can request a half-yolk omelet with sharp cheddar, Gruyère, feta, goat cheese or another flavorful option.

"The key is really the stronger the cheese, the less you need," Jackie says.

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And when it comes to sides, remember that you can easily have toast anytime you eat breakfast at home.

"Ultimately, if you do want the toast, you [should be] choosing between the toast and the fries," Jackie says. "I say get the fries!"

The dietitian suggests ordering a side of fruit salad to sneak in a little extra produce, and adding a side of greens to your meal, too!

While eating greens doesn't cancel out the calories in the fries (as much as we wish it did!), it will ensure that you're eating a more balanced meal.

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