When Is the Best Time to Exercise For Weight Loss?

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Playing Author of The Scientific Secrets of Timing Reveals When To Work Out For Weight Loss

Daniel Pink, author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Timing, is answering all of our questions about the best times of day to do different things.

One viewer, Sherry, is a consultant with a busy schedule who's looking to lose weight.

Sherry usually exercises really early in the morning or tries to fit it in the evening, but is wondering: What's the best time of the day to work out to maximize weight loss?

Luckily, she's on the right track, according to Pink. "Morning exercise is better for weight loss," he explains. "We actually burn about 20 percent more fat in the morning than other times of day."

Those early A.M. workouts have some other perks too: Morning gym sessions give you a mood boost that lasts all day and are better for habit formation, since you're less likely to get interrupted. (Working out is also one of the six things that successful people do every day!)

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Just can't drag yourself out of bed? Don't fret, says Pink. Afternoon workouts have a few benefits too. The afternoon is better for avoiding injury and enjoying it more! Your body has higher lung function, better hand-eye coordination and increased speed — so if you're amping yourself up for a high-intensity interval sesh, the afternoon might be better.

Either way, just getting out there is the first step — no matter what time of day! And you don't even need a lot of time. This full-body workout can be done in just seven minutes!

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