Yes, Dogs Can Get a Sunburn, Too — Here’s How to Prevent It

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Sun's out! So our furry friends should be out, too, right? Well, only if we prep them for the sun as carefully as we prep ourselves!

Because just like humans, dogs and cats can get sunburned from too much fun in the sun, veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell tells us.

They can also get skin cancer, he says, and the lighter a dog’s complexion, the more he or she’s at risk. 

So how do we prevent this? It’s not like you can just lather on sunscreen, right?

Actually, you can — you just have to make sure it’s pet-friendly!

As the vet explained to us, there’s pet-friendly (a.k.a. zinc- and salicylate-free) sunscreen you can find at your local pet shop, allowing you to cover up your pet’s sensitive skin without the worry of them licking off something potentially toxic.

And which spots do you want to cover? According to the doc, there are three places dogs are most likely to get sunburned: the nose, the ears and an exposed belly. 

Just remember: If you're going to be in the sun all day, you will have to re-apply the sunscreen — Dr. Courtney says every three hours is perfect.

But if your pup's not so keen on the sunscreen, there’s another option, too — UV-reflecting clothing. It might not cover everything, but it should get most of the body — including that belly!

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