Z100 Elvis Duran Bribed Nicki Minaj With Diamond Watch To Show Up On Time For Interview

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Playing Lie Detector Test: Elvis Duran Admits To Bribing Nicki Minaj To Get To Interview On Time

As the host of "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" on Z100 — the most listened to top 40 morning show in America, we might add — Elvis Duran has interviewed pretty much every star on the charts. Because he's such a stellar interviewer, when it was his turn to BE interviewed, we had to give it a fun twist.

Rach had Elvis sit for a lie detector test (just for fun, of course), while he answered some pretty tough questions. For the record, Elvis answered all three honestly. And when Rach asked the radio personality if he's ever paid someone to do an interview, he said yes (sort of).

"Nicki Minaj was late for our show one day. As a matter of fact, she pulled up so late I told the producers to tell her just to go back to her hotel, because there was no time [left in the show]," Elvis shares. "So they said, 'Well can we come back tomorrow?' and I said, 'Be on time. And if you're on time we'll give you a diamond watch.' So we gave Nicki Minaj a diamond watch."

The rapper returned the favor by giving Elvis a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage for his birthday and now they're good friends, he says.

But, yes, they bribed Nicki Minaj! "Not for the interview, but to be on time for the interview," Elvis says.

He also dished on the worst celebrity interview he's ever done. Watch the video below to find out why Elvis wants a redo with Usher!

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