Loni Love Shows Off Her Plus-Size Clothing Line + Makes Over a Viewer


Playing Loni Love On Her Standup + Plus-Size Workout Clothing Line
Loni Love On Her Standup + Plus-Size Workout Clothing Line Aired June 21, 2017

Comedian Loni Love is a busy lady, and she stopped by to chat with Rach about her many projects.

Loni and Rach already know each other because she appeared on the celeb version of Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” and Rach coached her to a win!

Loni learned a lot from Rach (including how to make to-die-for buttermilk fried chicken) and says, “I didn’t realize, men love to eat. … If you cook at the same time every day, you’ll have a man at your house every day, understand that.”

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“Football and food, that’s what gets me in,” she jokes.

Loni appears on the talk show “The Real” Monday through Friday, and she’s also currently touring doing standup, taking a lot of inspiration from the current political climate.

“Right now I think that the country needs to get the anxiety down, and humor is the best form of that, and that’s why I do it,” she says.

If that all wasn’t enough, Loni also has her own plus-size workout clothing line called Lola Getts. She says, “A lot of times they don’t make clothes for plus-size women to work out in. How do you expect us to lose weight if you ain’t making clothes for us to lose weight in?”

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Our viewer Aimee hasn’t been super thrilled with her workout clothing options either, so Loni gave her a makeover with her Lola Getts line! Watch the video below to see the transformation that made Aimee say, “I feel comfortable and cute and I didn’t think those could go together!”

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