Here’s Why Kaley Cuoco Carried a Giant Picture of Rach Around the Airport

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Playing Here’s Why Kaley Cuoco Carried a Giant Picture of Rach Around the Airport

How did “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco end up flying around the country with a picture of Rach and her beloved pooch Isaboo made out of tape?

It wasn’t a coincidence -- Kaley actually had the picture commissioned by a very cool gal who goes by The Queen of Tape.

She presented the gift to Rach to thank her for her Nutrish pet food brand’s donation to the animal rescue organization she works with, Paw Works.

“It was hilarious carrying it around in the airport,” she says. When she got looks from other travelers, she responded, “I’m just a huge fan of Rachael Ray! I just really love the picture.” LOL

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Dogs aren’t the only four-legged friends in Kaley’s life.

She’s been an avid horse-rider since age 14: “It’s not a hobby anymore, it’s like a complete lifestyle. Seven horses later, it’s been a dream come true. I can’t imagine my life without those four-legged freaks.” In fact, she’s planning to spend the first part of her summer hiatus riding horses in Kentucky with her boyfriend, Karl Cook.

The tenth season finale of Kaley’s hit CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” airs May 11, and Kaley says the episode is one of her favorites ever AND it made her cry. (Ok, SOLD!)

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After ten seasons, Kaley says, “Watching the early episodes is really funny, because over the course of ten years -- style changes, hair changes. I’m like, what was I thinking? There are moments where i’m horrified. But it’s my whole 20s, so it’s kind of my life story in a weird way.” Check out more of her thoughts about the finale below.

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