7 Seasons In, the Evil Queen from "Once Upon a Time" STILL Has the Best Evil Laugh

by Cristina Corvino 11:46 AM, October 16, 2017

Aired October 17, 2017

If you can believe it, "Once Upon a Time" is now in its 7th season!

And though a lot about the ABC drama has changed (actress Lana Parrilla tells us that you can essentially start watching the 7th season without having seen the first 6 -- it’s THAT different), one thing has stayed the same.

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Lana, who has played The Evil Queen for the show’s entire run, STILL has the best evil laugh. And she proved as much while playing "Truth or Dare" on our show!

Ready for it?

Nailed. It.

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For more of Lana and Rach’s "Truth or Dare" shenanigans, watch the video above!

Clearly, they had no fun AT ALL:


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