"Baywatch" Star Admits "There Was One That Got Away"

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Playing “Baywatch” Star Admits “There Was One That Got Away"

If she could turn back time!

Alexandra Daddario swung by our kitchen table to dish on her new Netflix rom-com, "When We First Met," which is all about what it would be like to have a second (or third! Or fourth!) chance at love with one specific person.

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And when Rach asked her if there was anyone she would turn back the clock for, Alexandra couldn't deny that she would!

"You know, I think it would be very tempting!" says the "Baywatch" actress. "You like to think that everything that's happened to you [is for a reason]. But actually, I would — similarly to this movie — there's one person that I would go back in time for and redo things with."

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Rachael Ray Show

She can't help but admit, "There is the 'one that got away.' So I think I would."

Can you HEAR our audience aw-ing?!

(And you, sir, whoever you are — ARE YOU LISTENING?! It may not be too late!)

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But, she adds, "At the same time, life is unexpected. I think this movie shows you all of that. What fate is."

We're swooning!

Plus, hear Alexandra talk about her work with the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation and UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign in the video below! She told us all about traveling to Malawi to see their critical work firsthand.

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