'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro's 10 Most Popular Recipes — Ever

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Buddy Valastro is one of our most popular guests, and it's obvious why — the baker and star of TLC's "Cake Boss" does dessert and Italian comfort food like no other! Read on to see which ten recipes you like the best.

No. 10: Buddy Valastro's Mocha Cake Recipe

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The secret to Buddy's mocha cake? Instant espresso powder! He shares that you can use this to flavor everything from cake batter, to frosting, to even chili! He adds espresso powder to a regular boxed chocolate cake mix to get that intense mocha flavor. Yum!

No. 9: Buddy Valastro's Coconut Cake Recipe

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Buddy takes an unusual-for-him shortcut with this coconut cake recipe, starting with a boxed vanilla cake mix (albeit his own brand). If he can do it, it's surely okay for us, right? He tops his cake with a delicious homemade coconut frosting.

No. 8: Buddy Valastro's Penne Alla Vodka

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This mouthwatering pasta recipe is surprisingly simple, going back to the basics of Italian cooking. Featuring a number of pantry staples, this is the perfect last-minute answer to the eternal "what to make for dinner" dilemma.

No. 7: Buddy Valastro's Crumb Cake

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Buddy Valastro doesn't hold back with the crumb topping on his popular crumb cake! He says the ideal ratio of crumb to cake is 3:1. Wow! Maybe that's why it made Buddy's top 10?

No. 6: Buddy Valastro's Pasta with Tomatoes and Green Beans Recipe

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This healthy and uncomplicated pasta is a fave of the Valastro family, and will be sure to please even the pickiest eaters in your own family. Just about any veggie you like can be substituted for the green beans.

Tip: If you're trying to get small children to eat this meal, Buddy has noticed that the softer the veggies are, the more likely the kids are to eat them.

No. 5: Buddy Valastro's Easy Fruit Pies Recipe

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For these fruit pies, Buddy shows you how to make a simple, non-intimidating pie crust in your food processor. Then, just roll it out, spoon your topping in, and fold up the edges. It doesn't need to be exact, since the goal is a rustic look. How easy is that?

No. 4: Buddy Valastro's Strawberry Milkshake Cake Recipe

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This deliciously summery dessert features two layers of strawberry-swirl cake with a hidden layer of strawberry ice cream in the middle — perfect for a summer celebration!

No. 3: Buddy Valastro's Marinara Sauce Recipe

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Buddy's marinara is simple but flavor-packed. He recommends making it when you need to clear out your pantry, since you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand. He also shares a method for making poached eggs in the marinara and then serving over crusty Italian bread.

No. 2: Buddy Valastro's Brownies

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These amazingly delicious frosted brownies were featured in our second round of "Recipes You Have to Make Before You Die" and they earned that distinction with their ooey-gooey, chocolate-y, fudgey, sticky-fingered amazingness.

No. 1: Buddy Valastro's No-Fail Cream Cheese Frosting

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And for Buddy's No. 1 most popular recipe with our readers — cream cheese frosting! If you love cream cheese frosting, but can't seem to get it right, just follow Buddy's "No-Fail" recipe.

Tip: Make sure to mix your butter and sugar first, before adding your cream cheese. And be sure not to "overmix" your frosting because it will start to melt and separate.

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