6 Creative Cocktails You Must Try Before Summer's Over

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

by Lisa Lozano

Summer is almost over, but there's still time to raise a glass to just about everyone's favorite time of year. Read on for 6 delicious beverages to drink to mourn the waning days of summer!

No. 1: Josh Capon’s Margarita

Rachael Ray Show

If you’re craving a high-end but simple marg, Josh Capon’s classic recipe will hit the spot.

Tip: In any cocktail that features liquor, quality matters. You don’t want to have to keep adding ingredients to mask the taste of the liquor; instead you want a mellow flavor that will complement the other ingredients.

No. 2: John Cusimano's Texas 40 Cocktail

Rachael Ray Show

Rach’s hubby (and house cocktail master) John whipped up this refreshing gin cocktail for Sunny Anderson’s 40th birthday. The gin is paired with refreshing lemon juice, St. Germaine liqueur (made from elderflowers), and a splash of bitters. The drink is shaken, poured over ice, and then topped with pink champagne.

No. 3: The “TC”

Rachael Ray Show

This lemon-lime gin cocktail is a perfect antidote to a steamy summer day.

No. 4: John Cusimano's Salty Dog Fizz

Rachael Ray Show

This salty gin cocktail combines salt and the tang of grapefruit to create a perfect adult beverage to sip on the porch.

No. 5: Josh Capon's Chile-Rubbed Mango Margarita

Rachael Ray Show

Josh Capon’s second margarita to make our list takes it up a notch. This chili-rubbed mango margarita is both sweet and spicy, and would pair perfectly with some grilled carne asada or fajitas.

No. 6: Andrew Zimmern’s Cucumber-Mint Lemonade

Rachael Ray Show

This delicious lemonade combines the tartness of lemon, the brightness of mint and the mellow taste of cucumber for a virgin beverage the whole family can enjoy. Add your favorite liquor if you want to make it adult-only!

While we can't make summer last all year (unless you live in the tropics), we can help you take the edge off with a cool beverage. Enjoy!

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