Six Months In, How are the Obamas Handling Quarantine as a Family?

“Barack Obama is a wonderful man, but he is still a man,” Mrs. Obama tells Rachael

Rachael and Michelle Obama Still Remember This “Schoolhouse Rock!” Song from Their Civics Classes!

As they talk about the importance of educating young voters about the privilege of exercising that right, they reminisce about their own school days!

Sterling K. Brown On Filming "This Is Us" During Covid: "It's Odd"

Sterling K. Brown details the Covid protocols in place while filming the new season of "This Is Us" + teases new storylines.

Sterling K. Brown On Filming "This Is Us" During Covid: It's Odd

Sterling K. Brown talks new set protocols + teases storylines from the fifth season, premiering in October.

This Is Us Star Sterling K. Brown On The STRUGGLES Of Homeschooling During Covid

"It's wonderful. It's fantastic. And by fantastic, I mean it's terrible," Sterling K. Brown says with his trademark smile, of course.

Sterling K. Brown On Homeschooling His 9-Year-Old Son: "It's Terrible"

"This Is Us" star Sterling K. Brown has been homeschooling his 9-year-old son during Covid — and he's not afraid to say it's been a struggle.

Michelle Obama Started Knitting in Quarantine - and Uses a Pseudonym to Learn from Tutors Online!

Mrs. Obama tells Rach she’s made a blanket, scarves, halter tops, plus two hats for her husband and mittens for Malia. “One is twice as big as the other,” she admits.

Michelle Obama on the Example Her Father Set with Voting: “This is Such an Awesome Responsibility”

Rachael and the former First Lady discuss educating young people on the importance of exercising their right to vote.

Gloria Estefan Opens Up About Delaying Her New Album + Her Plans For Post-Covid Concerts

Gloria Estefan released "Brazil305" in August after the loss of her mother 3 years ago kept her out of the studio for over a year.

Rachael & John Remember The Time They "Invaded" Gloria Estefan's House With 100 Friends

Rach & John usually celebrate their anniversary in Italy — but when that wasn't possible one year, Gloria Estefan & her husband Emilio loaned their house.

Jenna Bush Hager Gives Rach a Tour of Her "TODAY" Dressing Room

Jenna Bush Hager also shares a sweet story about a painting by her father, Former President George W. Bush, that hangs in her NYC apartment.

Jenna Bush Hager Recalls Heartwarming Story of Barbara Bush at 92: "Your lunch changed my mind"

"If a 92-year-old can listen enough and open their hearts to have those types of conversations, can't we all do better?" Jenna asks.

Jenna Bush Hager On Family Zooms + Who's Quarantining With Her Dad

Jenna Bush Hager chats from her "TODAY" dressing room about Covid Zooms with her family + who's quarantining with her parents George W. Bush & Laura Bush.

Jenna Bush Hager Says She Longs To Debate With Late Grandparents Again

Jenna Bush Hager recalls open conversations with late grandparents George H.W. & Barbara Bush: political debates "were always based in love."