Michael Strahan Reveals What He Was Thinking During His Journey to Space

TV personality and former New York Giant Michael Strahan had the opportunity to travel to space in December 2021, and he shares all the details with Rach.

The One Question Job Candidates Asked That Made "Shark" Barbara Corcoran Hire Them on the Spot

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran says interviews should be like a performance—practicing beforehand, dressing the part + asking the right questions.

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran on Why More People Are Starting Their Own Businesses Than Ever

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran says one "silver-lining" to COVID was the rate at which people started their own businesses—doing what they love.

Glennon Doyle: Life Is Often Hard for the People Who Are Doing It Right

"We Can Do Hard Things" podcaster Glennon Doyle's explains the philosophy behind her memoir, Untamed, and latest book, Get Untamed: The Journal.

Glennon Doyle: Life Is Often Hard for the People Who Are Doing It Right

Author and activist Glennon Doyle, whose memoir "Untamed" sold over 2 million copies, shares details on newest book and podcast "We Can Do Hard Things."

Harlan Coben on Stay Close Netflix Series Based on Bestselling Book: You'll finish it in a day or 2

"Stay Close" is a British crime drama miniseries on Netflix—out December 31—based on the 2012 Harlan Coben novel of the same title. And Rachael is READY.

Justin Long on Directing His First Movie, Lady of the Manor + That Time He Was Compared to Brad Pitt

Actor Justin Long chats with Rachael about his new movie (and directorial debut), "Lady of the Manor" + recalls a funny story about him and Brad Pitt.

José Feliciano Performs His Christmas Classic Feliz Navidad—51 Years After It Was Released

José Feliciano sings his iconic Christmas song, Feliz Navidad, which turned 50 years old last year.

Dr. Phil on What He Believes He Owes Guests Who Come on His Show

Dr. Phil has been on the air for 20 (!) years, probably at least in part because he gives this respect to each of his guests.

Rachael + John Adorably Model Whoopi Goldberg's Latest Holiday Sweaters

Whoopi Goldberg shows us some of her latest holiday sweaters + Rach and John were only too happy to model for her.

New Host of The Bachelor Isn't a Bachelor Anymore: Jesse Palmer On Finally Marrying Wife Emely Fardo

Jesse Palmer—new host of "The Bachelor" and a former "Bachelor" lead himself—dishes on his "super small and intimate" wedding to wife Emely Fardo.

Whoopi Goldberg's Holiday Sweater Collection Is THE Most Festive

Whoopi Goldberg never disappoints with her holiday sweaters—and her 2021 collection is no exception. See some of our favorites and get your own.

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Outpouring of Support She + President Obama Received When Dog Bo Died

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Rachael bond over the outpouring of support they received when they lost their beloved dogs, Bo and Isaboo.

Kristin Chenoweth's Fiance Josh Bryant on How They Met (Plus, Kristin On Mentoring Ariana Grande)

Kristin Chenoweth chats with Rachael about mentoring Ariana Grande and her new Christmas album—but not before introducing her + John to fiance Josh Bryant.