Rach's Juicy Marinated Chicken With Charred Pita, Yogurt Sauce + Pilaf

Rachael makes juicy za'atar-marinated chicken paired with charred pita, tahini-yogurt sauce, lots of fresh herbs + veggies + turmeric-flavored rice pilaf.

How to Make Za'atar Chicken Shawarma + Turmeric Rice Pilaf | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach prepare Middle Eastern-style chicken served with charred pita, rice pilaf, tahini-yogurt sauce + lots of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Ricotta-and-Mozzarella-Filled Ravioli in a Classic Tomato Sauce

Missy Robbins makes ricotta-and-mozzarella-filled ravioli with egg pasta dough from scratch, served in a simple, everyday tomato sauce.

Rach Turns Creamed Spinach Into a Rich and Creamy Pasta—YUM!

Rachael combines steakhouse creamed spinach with pasta and lots of ricotta, Parm or pecorino + toasted pine nuts in this rich and creamy dish.

How to Make Homemade Cheese Ravioli Made With Fresh Egg Pasta Dough (From Scratch!) | Missy Robbins

Watch Missy Robins prepare delicate ricotta-and-mozzarella-filled ravioli in a classic everyday tomato sauce.

How to Make Creamy Spinach Pasta | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach turn a steakhouse favorite, creamed spinach, into a rich and creamy pasta with lots of ricotta, Parm or pecorino + toasted pine nuts.

Rachael Shares Her Best Tips for Working with Fresh Thyme

Our viewer asked Rach for some hot tips for working with fresh thyme—which, yes, can be a little tedious! Thankfully, Rach delivered.

Fresh Thyme Is Worth the Time! Just Follow Rach's Tips

Rachael answers one of our viewer's burning questions: Is there any way to make pulling thyme easier? (Spoiler: Yes! Just follow Rach's tips.)

According to Rachael, THIS Is How Long Opened Tomato Paste Lasts in the Fridge

One of our viewers asked Rachael just how long an opened tube of tomato paste lasts in the fridge, and this is what she said.

How Long Does an Opened Tube of Tomato Paste Last in the Fridge?

You asked, Rach answered! According to our girl, an opened tube of tomato paste lasts *this* long in the fridge—but with a note!

What Do You Get When You Cross a Negroni + a Martini? A Negronatini!

Rach's husband, John, stirs up a Negroni-martini combo flavored with Green Chartreuse and cherry liqueur and topped with green olives.

Rach's "Rule-Breaking" Shrimp Parm

Rachael ignores the Italian no-cheese-with-seafood rule and makes shrimp parm with fried shrimp, quick marinara sauce + mozzarella AND Parmigiano-Reggiano.

How to Make a Negroni-Martini (Negronatini) | John Cusimano

Watch Rach's husband, John, stir up a cross between a Negroni and a martini, garnished with green olives.

How to Make Shrimp Parm | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach break a whole lotta family rules preparing a shrimp parm with classic marinara sauce + two kinds of cheese.