John Cusimano's Spicy Thai-tini

Thai basil + chiles from Rach’s latest MYOTO dish inspired her husband John's Thai martini.

How To Make Thai Chicken With Basil & Peppers | Rachael Ray

Take-out for Rach at her home in the Adirondacks means making her own! For this round, Rach makes a classic: Thai Chicken with Basil and Peppers.

How To Make a Spicy Thai Martini | John Cusimano

Rach's husband John Cusimano shakes up a spicy Thai-inspired martini made with vodka plus a few fresh ingredients.

Rach Makes A Classic For MYOTO: Thai Chicken with Basil & Peppers

This classic Thai chicken take-out is one Rach also prepares for her vegetarian mom using eggplant, which also goes great with basil & peppers.

How To Make Hot Bacon Dressing | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach make a Hot Bacon Dressing you'll always want on your spinach salad.

Rach's Hot Bacon Dressing Makes Every Spinach Salad Better

Rendered bacon fat serves as the flavorful base for Rach's dressing, which adds big flavor to a plain old spinach salad.

How To Make Spinach Cobb Salad With Hot Bacon Dressing | Rachael Ray

A hot bacon dressing takes this spinach cobb salad into cozy, comfort food territory. Watch Rach show you how to make it.

Rach's Spinach Cobb Salad Scores With A Hot Bacon Dressing

This riff on the classic Cobb salad from Rach is made with spinach + a hot bacon dressing.

Pumpkin Spice Raisin & Walnut Muffins

Actress Shay Mitchell's Pumpkin Spice Raisin & Walnut Muffins are perfect for a cozy fall breakfast or afternoon snack.

Chicken Pot Pie + Apples + Cider = This Cozy Fall Dish From Rach

Put your fall haul of apples + cider to good use in Rach's sweet-savory twist on skillet chicken pot pie.

How To Make Skillet Chicken Pot Pies With Apples + Cider | Rachael Ray

Cozy fall recipe alert! Watch Rach make chicken pot pie in a cast iron skillet with apples + apple cider.

SAY YES To Carla Hall's Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafer Crumble

The banana pudding gets a vanilla wafer crumble made using a trick from Carla Hall, celebrity chef & host of the podcast "Say Yes! With Carla Hall."

Rach's Chorizo & Shrimp with Cheese Grits Was Inspired By John's Band!

Rach came up with this spicy, southern-inspired dish of shrimp & grits with chorizo for her husband John's band.

Rach's Husband John Makes a Hibiscus Sweet Tea Sangria

Rach's husband John makes a sangria with floral notes thanks to hibiscus tea.