Rach Can Explain Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement + Wedding Rings | Q Ray & J

"I cook so much and platinum is such a fine metal that it burned my hand and my hand was so scarred, we couldn't hide it with makeup or powder."

Rach Explains Why She Doesn't Wear Her Original Engagement Ring

One viewer astutely realized that Rachael & John's wedding rings are different from their originals and asked about it. Rach & John explain why.

Tim Tebow Gushes About The 3 New Puppies He Got After Losing His Beloved Dog Bronco

Tim Tebow tells Rach all about welcoming 3 new puppies — Paris, Kobe and Chunk — into the family after losing his beloved dog Bronco in late 2019.

Rachael Gets Choked Up Visiting Isaboo's Gravesite — Where She Set Up a Mini Christmas Tree For Her

In an incredibly sweet & emotional moment, Rach & John visit their beloved dog Isaboo's gravesite, which they made sure was festive for her this season.

Rachael & Her Sister Maria Reminisce About Childhood Memories

Rachael remembers her sister & the family baker, Maria, loving butter so much growing up that their mother, Elsa, had to freeze it to make it last longer.

What Is Rachael Asking For This Christmas? She Likes Being Surprised!

Rach and John answer a viewer who wants to know whether they make Christmas wish lists, or if they prefer to surprise each other with gifts every year.

Rachael & John On Surprising Each Other With Gifts For Christmas | Q & Ray & J

"I do see the bags, but I never peek. I like being surprised and I have plenty to keep me busy at Christmas," Rachael says.

Hilarious Exchange Between Rach & John About What They Ate On First Date (LOL & Awww)

"Sorry, honey," Rach says after sweetly correcting John & remembering perfectly how the night went. Too funny! (and adorable)

Rach Sweetly Corrects John About What They Ordered On Their First Date

Rachael & John reminisce about their first date — and when John forgets what they ordered, Rach sweetly corrects him & an adorable exchange ensues.

Matthew McConaughey: I Hope My 3 Children Become Some Of My Best Friends

Matthew McConaughey made a list in 1992 of things he'd hope to achieve — and today, the dad of 3 is adding to it with a sweet goal involving his kids.

We Are OBSESSED With Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey's Fridge Décor: Googly Eyes!

Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey's home décor motto? Everything has to make her laugh — hence the googly eyes on her refrigerator that we're obsessed with.

This Sweet Veteran Service Dog Is On The Covid Frontlines & Rides In an Ambulance

"She's the first dog in the country to ride on an ambulance with her handler," veteran & paramedic Louie says.

This Vet Service Dog Is On Covid Frontlines & Rides In an Ambulance!

Veteran & paramedic Louie's service dog Star helps him with PTSD + nightmares — and now, she goes to work with him on the Covid frontlines, too.

Rachael & John's Halloween Costumes Are Great — But We Can't Get Over Bella Boo Blue's!

Rachael & John are dressed up as the gopher & Bill Murray's character, Carl, from "Caddyshack" for Halloween — but Bella Boo Blue steals the show.