These 2 Double-Duty Kitchen Tips From Rach's Fans Are SO GOOD

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You know how your mom told you you could be anything when you grew up? (And beyond!) Well, tell that to your favorite home goods, too, because we would have NEVER thought to use these two items this way!

First, we have Rachael Ray show fan Betty, who surprised us (and thrilled Rach!) with how she uses her shower cap in the kitchen.

"First of all, you can save your shower caps by collecting them every time you go to a hotel," says Betty.

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And then, when you have them? "When you make your salad and you're not ready to serve dinner yet, because if you're like me you have to turn around and make sure you're not burning everything, you just cover your salad up [with the shower cap]," says Betty.

The mom of three says you can also use them to cover snacks before a party, so your kids don't pick before guests arrive. Genius!

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And Rach loves it! "They're always good for something!" she says. "Like when you're doing stuff around the house and there's dust everywhere, you can use them as little shoe-booties."

And in a pinch, Rach says, you can even use them as a poo bag for your dog — how's THAT for multi-tasking!

Now, onto Lekesha, who solved a problem Rach has been dealing with for years!

"I like to use a lot of frozen vegetables, because they stay fresher longer and I don't have to worry about them going stale in the refrigerator," says Lekesha. "So when I'm making dinner and I have frozen spinach, to help drain it, instead of using a towel, which can get a little messy, I use the sushi roll."

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Roll it over a sink, squeeze and watch the water pour through the slates. Boom! Done — and with none of the mess!

Watch the ladies' tips in action above! And if you have a double-duty tip, make sure to share it with us here.

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