Molly Sims Gives Us Her Best Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

by Rose Marie Walano 2:37 PM, October 31, 2017

Aired November 1, 2017

From supermodel to super-party planner!

Molly Sims just dropped her second book, "Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, and Decorating at Home," and to celebrate, she stopped by with some of her best party planning tips — including four adorable ideas for your kid's next birthday party.

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Her first? Give the kids an ice bucket.

Why shouldn't the kid-friendly beverages get a special setup, too? They're just as necessary to a successful party!

And the best part? With the drinks in easy reach, she says, "It's not 'Mama, mama, mama? Can I have a water? Mama?'"

(Too real, Molly!)

Get Down With Low Seating

Pull out some colorful pillows, and kids will happily plop on them as seats!

(Fun fact: Rach loves doing this for the "big kids," too!)

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Finger Foods Are Everything

Molly says when she's hosting a kids' party, she sticks to easy-to-grab treats, including rainbow chicken nuggets, mac & cheese bites and fruit kebabs.

She also serves up mango, raspberry and cream popsicles — get her recipe here!

Cover the Tables With Paper — and Let Them Have At It!

Last but not least, put markers and crayons in cups, and let the kids unleash their inner artist right on the table!

Just remember Rach's great point: "Buy washable markers, people!"