These Are the Best Days to Shop Between December 1st and Christmas

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Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone -- but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on all the deals!

Just ask lifestyle and tech expert, Chi-Lan Lieu!

When she visited our show, she gave us the lowdown on the best shopping days that haven’t passed yet. Score!

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Monday, December 11: Green Monday

Chi-Lan says that this is the third biggest shopping day of the year! In fact, retailers sold about $1.9 billion on this day last year.


"[Retailers] are recognizing that this is the day that everyone starts sweating!" Chi-Lan says.

After all, it’s exactly two weeks before Christmas Day!

On this day, look out for really deep discounts across the board (up to 40 and 50 percent off!)

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Friday, December 15: Free Shipping Day


"If you want to send that $15 sweater somewhere," Chi-Lan stresses, "go for it!"

Plus, according to Chi-Lan, if you order by this day, your items will be delivered in time for Christmas Eve!

Not to mention that you’ll find discounts on clothing on this day, too.

About 2 Weeks Before Christmas: Board Game Discounts

"You’re going to get about 70 percent off," Chi-Lan notes.

So, all those kids (or adults!) on your list? Done and done!

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Week Before (and After!) Christmas: Clothing Discounts

Since retailers are looking to get rid of winter clothes (yes, already!) to make room for spring designs, deals are bound to be hot at the end of December!

Last-minute shopping for the win!

Plus, some people don’t exchange gifts until after the holidays anyway, so shopping AFTER Christmas isn’t so crazy. And hey, you can also just shop for yourself then, too! (Wink, wink)

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