This Is the RIGHT Way to Remove Ingrown Hairs

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Bianca is a girl after our own hearts!

Not only does she rock a red statement lip, but she also has a problem a lot of us face:

Ingrown hairs — and a tendency to pick at them until them come out.

Well, Dr. Sandra Lee — a.k.a. YouTube star Dr. Pimple Popper — to the rescue!

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First, she notes, they happen most commonly in areas where we have curly hair. And the common mistake people make? Thinking that shaving is the culprit.

Oh, no, friends!

"They think it's a blunt razor or a dirty razor, but actually, waxing and plucking cause more ingrown hairs than anything else," says Dr. Lee.

The reason? You're pulling the hair out at the root, which gives it room to grow up and curl out. That's when they get stuck under the skin.

So when you do get one, here's they key: Grab a sterile tweezer or a pin, then wiggle it right underneath it and try to lift it up. (Without puncturing your skin, of course!)

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Top it off with a little benzoyl-peroxide — an antibacterial — to help decrease inflammation and keep the area infection-free.

Watch Dr. Lee show you how it's done in the video above! (Spoiler alert: Rach finds it all pretty traumatizing, but it really isn't that bad!)

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