Can Drinking Collagen Make You Look Younger?

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Playing Can Drinking Collagen Make You Look Younger?

Beauty in a powder?


As many of you probably know, collagen powder that you can scoop into your drink of choice is pretty trendy right now.

Why? Because, according to some people, it can help improve the youthful look of your skin.

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"Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body," Dr. Ian explains. "The idea here is if you can consume the collagen peptides, it will go into your system and then reappear in your skin."

That said, while many may be trying it, Dr. Ian admits, "a lot of doctors are on the fence about it," because unlike the collagen found in your body, collagen powder gets ingested and then metabolized.

And no one is quite sure how much of what's left actually makes its way into your skin.

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But if you still want to give it a spin, Dr. Ian says that's no problem! You can scoop the powder into water, juice or coffee. Or squeeze about 5 drops of liquid collagen into a drink.

And both Rach and the doc agree, you can barely taste it. That’s a win, friends!

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