Update: Dad Who Wrote His Daughter Lunchbox Notes As Way to Deal With Cancer Opens Up About His New Diagnosis


Over 4 years ago, we met Garth and Emma -- an inspiring father and daughter who reminded us to always try and create something positive out of a trying situation.

After having written lunchbox notes on napkins for his daughter since she was in kindergarten, Garth decided to prewrite 826 notes for her to read throughout high school years -- after he was diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

"I counted up the days until she graduated high school," he said at the time, "and that's when I set out to write a note for every day so that she would have it whether I was here or not."

Well, now that Emma is getting ready to graduate from high school, we wanted to check in with the amazing father-daughter duo -- and as it turns out, we weren't the only people touched by their story.

Since having them on our show, Garth and Emma were asked to tell their story in a book -- and Napkin Notes was born!

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"It's been translated and put around the world," Garth tells us, "and that's just so strange for us. It's very surreal."

Garth and Emma have also since been presented with another challenge -- a new growth on Garth's lung.

But their optimism and hope is as strong as ever.

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"We don't have to beat cancer," Garth said to Emma when he told her the news. "All we have to do is tie."

The next morning, Emma decided to turn the tables on her dad and write *him* a note.

"'Dear Dad,'" she wrote, "'A tie counts as a win.'"

And unsurprisingly, Garth couldn't agree with his daughter more.

"Every day, if I can get up and get through the day," he says, "that's a win."

We're sending all our love and well wishes, Garth and Emma! ❤️

Plus, Rach wrote her own note to Emma -- and with tears in her eyes, she read it aloud in our studio.

Hear what she wrote in the video above!

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