A 'Trendy-But-Modern' Makeover for a Woman Who Wants to Look Her Age

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Irene is a mom of four who was wearing a basic black top, jeans and black wellies when fashion expert Clinton Kelly offered her an ambush makeover in Macy’s.

Irene accepted gracefully, telling Clinton, “I want to look my age but a better presentation of my age.”

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Clinton took her from blah to wowza with a head-to-toe makeover that included hair, makeup and a fabulous new outfit, dressing her in printed pants and a chic pink lace bomber jacket.

“You can be trendy and modern but also tasteful at the same time,” Clinton pointed out.

“Irene the Machine is back,” she exclaimed when she saw herself in her new look, referring to her college nickname. Watch the video above to see her before and after for yourself.

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