Don't Let These Adorable Animals Fool You, They're Known to Be Two-Timers

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Just look at these South African cheetah cubs:

ADORABLE, right?

But don't let their sweet faces fool you.

When it comes to finding love, the fastest land animals (they run 80 mph!) are a bit ruthless.

"When it comes to dating," zoologist Jarod Miller explains, "the female is completely in charge and makes two males compete [for] her all the time."

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"She’s two-timing, sometimes," he continues, "to find the right mate."

To each her own in the pursuit of love, we guess … ?

Now, don’t let this news dampen your faith in romance!

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Jarod also brought along what just might be the most loyal animal you'll ever meet -- the seahorse!

Not only do seahorse couples lock tails each and every morning (aw!), but they mate for life and resolve to die alone if their partner passes first.

(Sweet, but also, ?.)

Fascinated by animal love?

Watch the video above to learn the *wild* way in which bald eagle duos find each other.

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