DIY These Pretty Ice Ornaments For Your Lawn

by Cristina Corvino 3:45 PM, December 7, 2017

Aired December 8, 2017

Do you want your outdoor decorating game to live up to your indoor one?

You’re in luck -- we’ve got you covered!

Well, “The Great Christmas Light Fight” judge Taniya Nayak does, actually -- with her humongous ice lawn ornaments!

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Check. Them. Out.


To DIY your own, take an oversized, extra-thick balloon, fill it up with water, drop food coloring inside and freeze it for a couple of days.

After the days pass, peel off the balloon -- and you’ll be left with a huge, colorful ice ornament!

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Finish the look off by placing lights behind them on your lawn so they glisten.

“That is awesome,” Rach says. “I’m totally doing that!”

Us, too!