How to Fix a Hole in the Wall: Here's the Number One Thing You Can't Forget To Do

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Playing Ty Pennington From TLC’s ‘Trading Spaces’ Reboot Shows You How to Fix a Hole in The Wall

Accidents happen!

And a hole in the wall is nothing a little drywall, spackle and paint can’t fix -- as long as you master the technique.

When Ty Pennington from TLC’s "Trading Spaces" reboot visited our show with his castmates, he gave an important reminder: You have to fill the hole before you spackle!

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And while you can use cardboard, Ty suggests drywall since it’s the same thickness.

Now, chances are your hole isn’t a perfect shape, so the TLC show’s carpenter suggests tracing something circular (like the top of your spackle container!) and cutting a perfect circle into the wall.

(Hey, what's a bigger hole, right?)

Then, cut a circle of the same size out on a spare piece of drywall, apply drywall tape to it -- and fit it right into the hole in the wall. (Try to make it as flush as possible!)

Okay, THEN it's time to apply spackle.

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After you let the spackle dry, sand down the outer edges with sandpaper -- or a wet sponge, Ty says.

(Watch his technique in the video above!)

Then, paint over the spackle, and voila -- goodbye, hole!

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