Teachers Team Up to Transform Lunchtime

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These five elementary-school teachers from Raleigh, North Carolina often find themselves reaching for convenience foods -- such as soda, salty snacks and sweet treats -- during busy workdays. Sound familiar?

The ladies contacted Rach, asking for help in adopting a healthy lifestyle, so we brought in nutritionist Keri Glassman, RD. She taught them how to cut down on empty calories and use nutrient-dense food to maintain energy in order to keep up with their students.

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Glassman also shared some basic dining techniques, such as eating lean protein at every meal and filling three quarters of a plate with vegetables. With her advice, the ladies even started a meal swap: Each weekday, one teacher cooks a nutritious lunch for the other participants.

She also taught them about healthy snack swaps, suggesting three easy and nutritious options:

DIY Snack Packs: Mix popcorn, nuts and dried fruit in portion controlled containers at the beginning of the week, and you’re set.

Chia Seed Nosh: You can buy chia pouches at the store (but you can also make them yourself, by mixing ¼ cup of water, a tablespoon of chia seeds and fruit) and top with roasted chickpeas.

Hard-Boiled Egg Lettuce Wraps: Just slice up hard-boiled eggs and eat them in a lettuce leaf for a quick pick-me-up.

Watch to see how the teachers transformed their lives, and check out the surprise Rach had for the ladies!

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