Is Allergy Season Worse This Year?

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If you’ve been feeling like your allergies are particularly bothersome this fall season, you’re not alone. Rach, for one, feels the same way!

So, when Dr. Tania Elliott -- allergist from NYU Langone Health and Chief Medical Officer at the preventive healthcare company EHE -- visited our show, Rach had to ask what the deal is.

Is it all in our imagination?!

Well, "it is pretty bad," Dr. Tania confirms about this season’s allergies.

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With that said, though, she insinuates that we shouldn’t be so surprised.

"Springtime gets such a bad rap. Everybody thinks the spring is the peak of allergies," Dr. Tania says. "But I have news for you, fall allergy season can be just as bad and last even longer."


"Particularly now, the weather’s been crazy," she continues. "We’ve had hurricanes, thunderstorms, [and] all this sort of stuff leads to increased precipitation, more weed pollen growing and more outdoor mold spores."

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And while there IS an end in sight, it’s not exactly around the corner.

"It lasts until all the leaves fall off the trees," the NYU allergist explains. "We’re really not in the clear until the first frost."

Who knew we could ever look forward to freezing cold weather … ?

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