These Spiked Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Mudslides Are an Irresistible Adult Treat

Sunny Anderson makes whiskey-spiked hot chocolate flavored with hazelnuts, cinnamon-sugar + crushed chocolate cookies.

German Chocolate Cake Might Be Even Better in Cookie Form

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Rach Pairs Marinated Filet Mignon Bites and Greek-Style Rice

Rachael serves super-tender marinated filet mignon bites and spanikopita-style rice, studded with spinach, onions + garlic, in this Greek-inspired dinner.

Easy Grab-and-Go Bacon, Egg and Cheese Puff Pastry Cups

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Easy, Bakery-Worthy Chocolate-Hazelnut Puff Pastry Twists

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Pigs in a Blanket 2.0: Puff Pastry Strips and "Everything" Seasoning

Food blogger and cookbook author Kelly Senyei makes her irresistible, quick and easy pigs in a blanket with puff pastry strips + "everything" seasoning mix.

Make Your Own Takeout: Rotisserie Chicken and Scallion Noodles

Rachael whips up a quick and easy takeout-style dish with shredded rotisserie chicken, Chinese noodles, scallions, sesame and soy sauce.

José Andrés Makes a Tuna "Fridge" Salad to Encourage Less Food Waste

Chef José Andrés uses fridge odds and ends to create a quick and easy no-cook mayo-based salad with tuna, avocado, tomato + hard-boiled eggs.

Must-Make Mexican Side Dish: Spicy Refried Beans

Rachael whips up a spicy, vegetarian Mexican side dish in less than 15 minutes with canned black beans, some aromatics, hot sauce + a good hit of lime.

Rach Spices Up Taco Night with Her Chile Verde Tacos

Rachael spices up taco night with a salsa verde-spiked meat + potato filling topped with a crunchy kale slaw, crema, crumbled cheese + pickled jalapeños.

Your New Favorite Pesto Is Made With Tomato, Capers, Almonds + Herbs

Rachael shares her recipe for a creamy, quick and easy pesto pantesco—with tomatoes, capers, almonds, herbs and pecorino—tossed with short-cut pasta.

Rach's Classic Shrimp Scampi Is an Easy Crowd-Pleaser

Rachael's classic shrimp scampi—flavored with garlic, lemon, white wine and butter—is an easy crowd-pleaser that's great as is or tossed with pasta.

Healthy and Tasty Broccoli Fries Without The Frying

Plant-based food blogger Carleigh Bodrug turns broccoli stems into crispy, healthy baked fries that are perfect for snacking or as a side dish.

Homemade Strawberry Vinegar Is a Great Salad Dressing Addition

Plant-based food blogger Carleigh Bodrug transforms plain vinegar by infusing it with strawberry trimmings that typically go in the trash.