We Can't Get Enough of This Texas Sheet Cake Spiked With Cayenne

Culinary team member Kate Bennert gives the classic super-easy chocolate Texas sheet cake a spicy kick with cayenne in the batter AND icing.

One-Pan Easy Chicken Dinner with Escarole, Cannellini Beans + Tomatoes

Rachael pairs a brothy tangle of escarole, cannellini beans, semi-dried tomatoes, shallots + garlic with sauteed chicken in this easy one-pan dinner.

This Buffalo Wing-Nachos-Potato Chip Mashup Is a Must-Try!

Chef Jason Smith pairs Buffalo wing flavors with potato chips in this amazing cheesy, nacho-like baked snack.

Popcorn + Roasted Olives?! Meet Your New Fave Midnight Snack

Chef Jason Smith shares one of his favorite quick and easy midnight snacks, popcorn tossed with roasted olives, butter, lemon zest + seasonings.

Quick & Easy Midnight Snack: Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites

The Potash Twins share one of their favorite quick and easy midnight snacks made with store-bought sourdough hard pretzels.

An Epic Twist on Elvis' Famous PB Banana Sandwich

The Potash Twins put a decadent twist on Elvis' famous PB banana sandwich, using banana bread instead of white bread and adding bacon.

Rach's Juicy Marinated Chicken With Charred Pita, Yogurt Sauce + Pilaf

Rachael makes juicy za'atar-marinated chicken paired with charred pita, tahini-yogurt sauce, lots of fresh herbs + veggies + turmeric-flavored rice pilaf.

Rach Turns Creamed Spinach Into a Rich and Creamy Pasta—YUM!

Rachael combines steakhouse creamed spinach with pasta and lots of ricotta, Parm or pecorino + toasted pine nuts in this rich and creamy dish.

Ricotta-and-Mozzarella-Filled Ravioli in a Classic Tomato Sauce

Missy Robbins makes ricotta-and-mozzarella-filled ravioli with egg pasta dough from scratch, served in a simple, everyday tomato sauce.

GF Chocolate Chip Cookies Made With Miso? YES!!

Miso adds a savory twist to these gluten-free + dairy-free chocolate chip cookies—the perfect blend of sweet & salty.

This Chocolate Cream-Filled Almond Cake Is Worthy of Any Celebration

Jacques Torres layers almond sponge cake with whipped chocolate cream in an easy-to-make showstopper of a dessert.

Making this Donut Snowman Is the Perfect Snowy Day Activity

You need store-bought donuts and toothpicks (that's it!) to make this donut snowman.

2-Ingredient Snowflake Cookies

The dough in these 2-ingredient snowflake cookies is either puff pastry or store-bought pie dough—so easy!